Typical Flora and Fauna of Thailand

Flora in Thailand includes tropical flora, including the Ratchaphruek tree or tree tengguli (national flora), Teak, areca nut and pine and rice as staple crops.

Fauna in Thailand is Asiatic fauna, including elephant (national animal), bear, wild cow, snake and monkey.

Long answer:

Thailand has a tropical climate and is rich in flora and fauna. Thailand has flora and fauna similar to western Indonesia because it is located on the mainland of Southeast Asia.

The flora of this country consists of various types of tropical plants. Ratchaphruek or tree tengguli (Cassia fistula) is the national flora of Thailand.

Forests in Thailand have a variety of hardwoods (especially teak), pine, bamboo, and areca and coconut trees. In the coastal lowlands, there are coconut trees, mangrove forests and rattan.

Fauna in this country is also diverse. The most important animal in Thai culture is the elephant (Elephas maximus) which is considered a symbol of this country. Among the large mammals are bears, otters, and civet cats. Climbing animals include many species of monkeys. There are also sheep, goats, oxen, single-horned rhinos, deer, tapirs, wild cattle, wild pigs, and snakes such as pythons.

There are more than 600 species of breeding birds. Estuarine crocodiles, lizards, and turtles are found in rivers and coastal waters.

The eastern part of Thailand is bordered by the Mekong river, which separates Thailand from Laos. In this river there are endemic animals, namely giant catfish. This fish can have a length of up to 2 meters and can only be found in the Mekong river only.

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