Public Transportation Options in Thailand

Including public transportation, there are many choices of vehicles that can be used to explore all places of interest. Take note, summarizes 9 public transportation options in Thailand for your travel provisions.

ARL (Airport Rail Link)

In Thailand there are 2 main airports serving international flights, namely Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi. If you land at Suvarnabhumi International Airport, there is a fast train service to downtown Bangkok.

Airport Rail Link or ARL as it is called, a fast train with a round-trip route from the city center to the airport and vice versa.


Like in Indonesia, taxis in Thailand also have a meter that is quite affordable. There are also several online taxi services, with the majority of the drivers speaking English. If you have a fairly large budget, taking a taxi will be more convenient to explore areas within the city.


Want to try the mode of transportation of a million people? Try the Thai version of a songthaew or angkot. Just like in Indonesia, the songthaew route is distinguished by the number listed on the front.

The difference with the Indonesian angkot, the songthaew door is located at the back. If you’re traveling alone without speaking Thai, it’s better to google the songthaew route first or ask the innkeeper.

Don’t forget to prepare a small Baht fraction to pay the fare.

Tuk Tuk

This is the iconic Thai means of transportation, the Tuk Tuk has a shape similar to the bajaj in Indonesia. There are three wheels, but the left and right are open and there is only a cover on the roof.

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