Color of Thai Tea

Everyone seemed to be together drinking Thai Iced Tea purchased from outlets that were popping up everywhere. It is orange in color, served cold in a large plastic cup.

Although it has a ‘tea’ appendage, the drink with the Thai name cha yen doesn’t have a brownish brew like tea in general. This type of black tea is used, in order to create a strong enough brew, when meeting another mandatory ingredient, namely sweetened condensed milk. There is a breezy and deafening aroma of cardamom in the brew. Similar in aroma and taste to a chai latte.
The orange color of this tea is not a natural color, but is achieved from artificial dyes. The Cha Tra Mua (or Number One Hand) brand is the most famous tea brand for making Thai Iced Tea to achieve this signature color precision. Even at the airport, Cha Tra Mua is sold because it is often used as souvenirs. Black Tea Dust, that’s what it says on the packaging of the brand that appeared in 1945. The company itself was founded by descendants of Cháozhōu, China, in the 1920s.
This solid tea powder for cold brew comes because Thai people are not used to drinking hot tea in the midst of the tropical air. In order for the taste to ‘come out’, the key is to boil the black tea over low heat for a long time.

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